One-to-One Art Lesson


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One-to-One Art Lesson

On the path we set out 6 years ago with the intention of revealing all the artists of the world, we started to offer you our ‘One-to-One Art Education’ program to enable children to individually experience, produce, question and express their art journey.

Within the unique “One-on-One Art Education” program that we have prepared with our experienced instructors in the field of art education; It includes a curriculum that covers all themes and subjects from ancient times to modern art, from spontaneous creativity in nature to conceptual art, which the child reveals through the way he perceives his environment and the world.

We offer online art lessons in this program, which we have prepared for all age groups starting from the age of 4, taking into account the readiness of children.


We would like to encourage more children to reach out through art by publishing the photos and videos taken during the Qbicart Program that your child will participate in, on our social media pages. If you do not like these posts you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

Detailed information on this subject is available on the Terms and Conditions page, which you will confirm before purchasing your ticket.

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